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Surety Bond Type Offers

What is a Driver Education School or CDL Tester Bond? A Driver Education School or CDL Tester Bond is a written agreement between an insurance company and a business that provides vocational education services to students in exchange for tuition.
Freight Broker Bonds are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This bond provides insurance to protect the government and its agencies from financial loss if the required policies are not in effect when a claim arises.
The Fuel Tax Bond is issued by the Internal Revenue Service to businesses that use, sell, distribute, or mix motor fuel. Fuel tax bonds cover losses from internal theft of untaxed motor fuels that may occur in the discharge of these businesses' duties under federal fuel tax laws.
A Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond is a type of surety bond that is required by state law in the US. If you are an auto dealer or anyone else who buys, sells, auctions, or repairs cars or other motor vehicles, you will need to purchase this type of bond.
An Automobile or Motor Club Bond protects the club against loss, where the application of its funds is subject to bond restrictions.
Over Axle & Over Weight Permit Bonds are required for those that want to legally operate on public highways. This bond ensures compliance with local laws, and is an important financial safeguard for both the contractor and any involved parties.
Permit or Right of Way Bonds are required by all states so that contractors and property owners can obtain access to public lands in order to construct private and public improvements.
Toll Bonds are issued to facilitate toll road and turnpike uses. They guarantee that the toll road user has sufficient funds to pay for the usage of the facility.
An Airline Reporting Corporation Bond is a surety bond that is required to access the ARC system and file electronic airline ticket reports. An ARC bond provides protection for consumers and ensures that travel agencies comply with Federal regulations regarding ticket reporting.
The Alcohol Beverage Performance Bond is a unique bond that provides coverage for losses to suppliers, manufacturers and bottlers of alcoholic beverages due to non-payment. A Performance Bond protects a business from fraudulent acts by their vendors, customers and employees.
A brewer bond is required by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau (TTB) for brewers. This bond guarantees that the brewer will pay their taxes that they owe on time, thereby protecting the government from loss of revenue.
An Appeal Bond is a property bond that is issued in the course of appealing a court judgment. The appeal bond guarantees that if the appellant loses his or her case and this will result in the paying of monetary damages, then the appellant will pay these damages.
The Athlete Agent Bond is a form of professional insurance that protects athletes and clients in the event of fraudulent or incompetent representation. Agents are required to purchase this bond as a condition of licensure and it is renewable every two years. Agents must submit an application for the bond before coverage is effective.
The BNSF Railway Company Bond is an official, executed agreement that gives the bondholder the right to purchase transportation services and/or trailer privileges at designated rates from the issuing railroad.
A Bingo License Bond guarantees compliance with the provisions of the Bingo Act. The Bond is issued to those involved in promoting or sponsoring bingo games and may be used by any licensee licensed under the Bingo Act.
A Bond of Seller (also known as a Sales and Use Tax Bond) must be obtained before a seller can register with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. It protects the State from a seller's failure to pay sales or use tax on their transactions.
A Business Service Bond is a contract between you and your client. It can be used to secure the contractor's services for employers. An employee who is bonded will commit less theft, larceny or fraud against their clients.
The Combative Sports Promoter Bond is a type of bond that is required by some states for those who are authorized to promote various sporting events. The bond ensures that money is available to accept the liabilities that may occur during the event, including paying medical expenses and repairing damages.
A Concessionaire Bond is similar to a lease and places the responsibility on the owner of the premises to uphold their side of the agreement. The bond covers any losses that may arise if the business conducted on the premises is not up to code or illegal.
A Contract Postal Unit Bond is issued by the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection. This allows an authorized supplier operated postal service unit to begin doing business with the United States Postal Service.
A Contractor License Bond is a valuable asset for contractors and subcontractors who want to get the job done right. If you're a licensed contractor, use this bond to show your commitment to ethics and compliance with state or local statutes. The Contractor License Bond supports your creditworthiness as well as that of your company.
Fiduciary Bonds are a form of protection for both the individual being charged with fiduciary duty and the party in need of protection from liability. A Fiduciary Bond varies with personal financial situations, but protects parties at all levels.
A Credit Services Organization Bond is a type of bond that can be applied for by those who offer professional credit services. To apply for this bond, you will have to fill out the correct form on the state website and return it along with your documentation proving that you offer professional credit services.
Customs Bonds protect importers (and their customers) from unexpected duties, taxes, or fees that may be assessed on imported goods. They are an essential part of international trade and are required by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection before any item can be exported, shipped into or out of the United States.
A debt collection agency bond or debt recovery agency bond is a type of license that debt collectors and collection agencies must purchase in order to legally collect debts. It protects the consumers who are being collected from by ensuring that only licensed agencies can collect debts on someone else’s behalf.
The Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers (DMEPOS) or Medicare Bond is intended to help ensure that prospective suppliers of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and other medical products are financially secure in their businesses.
An ERISA Bond is a form of insurance that protects benefit plan administrators who are responsible for managing employee benefits. The insurance company issuing the bond agrees to pay claims that are presented by beneficiaries of a business' employee benefit plan, such as life insurance and pension funds.
When it comes to employee theft, dishonesty, or any other unethical behavior by employees, your business can be at significant risk of financial loss. A comprehensive Employee Theft / Dishonesty Bond protects you against these risks by offering protection against any acts committed by your employees that would result in a financial loss.
An Escrow Agent Bond protects the public from the loss of funds because of fraud or incompetence of escrow agents. It also protects the agent and their business from lawsuits by beneficiaries and investors if they are sued for damages caused by an escrow agent.
Executor Bonds are issued to executors, bonded bank account holders and other representatives whose duties include the handling of cash and property for estate settlements. These representatives are sometimes referred to as the Personal Representatives or Executors of an estate, and are responsible for distributing assets in accordance with the written instructions left by a deceased person who had named them as their estate representative.
A Farm Labor Contractor Bond is issued to cover the agricultural H-2A employers' liability for wages and/or other amounts owed to workers, including U.S. citizen workers who are injured or become ill while working for their employers.
OTI Bonds are issued by a surety bond company (such as SuretyOnLine) and backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. An OTI Bond is required for a licensed owner-operator ("OTI") engaging in interstate commerce and for any non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC).
Our Guardianship Bond has the advantage of being issued by a highly rated insurance company and backed by the official surety bond system. It's a sophisticated coverage that covers funds entrusted to you or your organization as a legal guardian.
Health clubs and spas can now avail of Health Spa or club bonds at competitive rates with quick turnaround. We offer a comprehensive range of financial products, an unrivalled service and an experienced team.
A Home Improvement Contractor Bond is a surety bond that fully guarantees the contractors will perform their agreed upon services, according to all terms and conditions of their contracts. It also promises that they will adhere to the state regulations set forth by the Home Improvement Commission in their contract bidding process.
When driving across state lines to make tax-exempt fuel purchases, you must prove that you have paid all state fuel taxes on fuel consumed in your truck. This is done by using an IFTA "Paid" Bond when making tax-exempt fuel purchases.
An Insurance Agency Bond is a bond that an insurance agency must buy in order to sell insurance. An insurance agency is a business that acts as a middleman between an insurance company and the policyholder. The bond guarantees that the company will fulfill its contractual obligations if it goes out of business.
Janitorial Service Bonds are issued for business clients and individuals who need protection from losses incurred due to theft, damage or dishonesty committed by the janitorial service employees. A bond is a contract between you and us in which we agree to pay a specified amount to the client in case of claims.
The Livestock Packers and Stockyards Agency Bond is a surety bond that must be provided by any livestock market agency, dealer or packer doing business in the state of Nebraska. A surety bond guarantees that business will follow certain rules and regulations established by the government.
The Loan Broker Bond protects the lender from loss if the broker fails to perform its duties. It can also be used as proof of ability to cover damages or losses resulting from a breach of contract.
A Lost Security or Instrument Bond is an insurance policy that covers the loss of a security certificate due to theft, fire or other malicious causes. Issued for both commercial and retail investors looking to protect their investments, this type of bond is designed to reimburse the owner for the total amount of all stocks, bonds, or securities lost in these circumstances.
Maintenance bonds ensure that any problems arising from defective materials and workmanship are corrected by the contractor. These bonds protect the homebuyer, or investment buyer, in the event of a problem.
A Managing General Agent Bond is the most common form of premium security required by the state. It provides protection for all insureds and their beneficiaries who may be held liable for a claim. The bond protects policyholders in the event of non-performance, malpractice or insolvency. Our general agent bond can be tailored to your specific business needs so that you have one less thing to worry about when starting your new venture or adding to current operations.
Our Manufactured Home Broker, Retailer or Installer Bond protects both you and your customers. They'll know that you're financially responsible in case you should ever go out of business, leaving them without a warranty. This bond protects them against loss or damage to their manufactured home while they are held by the retailer during an installation or repair process.
A Medicaid Provider Bond is required for durable medical equipment sellers who wish to participate in the Medicaid program. The bond helps ensure that the seller will continue to provide service for their customers even if the business fails.
A Gross Receipts Tax Bond is designed to ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws regarding tax liability. A Gross Receipts Tax Bond ensures that you will pay the required taxes and makes it easier for the government to collect a tax debt.
A Money Services or Transmitter Bond helps protect the public. This is a type of insurance that will insure against misappropriation of funds, improper handling of customer funds, and more. It gives you peace of mind that your business is insured against any potential problems with the law.
A mortgage broker or loan servicer bond is issued to protect consumers who are applying for a mortgage, personal loan or even a mobile home. The funds in the account are held as security against a potential default by the mortgage broker or loan servicer.
Bonds are used to protect consumers and businesses by ensuring that an official is properly bonded before they take office. This protects your interests in the event an unscrupulous notary acts improperly, as most likely a bond will be needed to recover losses on any inappropriate transactions conducted by this public employee.
A Nursing Facility Resident Trust Fund Bond is a business license tax imposed on nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities and homes for the aged that provide long term care to patients. This bond guarantees payment of a facility's tax obligation to the State Office of Medicaid Audit and Recovery in case of bankruptcy or dissolution.
Outdoor Advertising Bonds are issued to outdoor advertisers. The bond guarantees that any amount paid for advertising will be refunded if the advertiser does not live up to its commitments as stated in the contract.
A Pharmacy Wholesaler Bond is procured by any individual, organization or corporation that engages in the wholesale of pharmaceutical drugs and supplies. This bond guarantees that your business will comply with all federal and state laws regarding the wholesaling of pharmaceutical prescriptions.
Polygraph Examiner Bonds are issued to individuals who are authorized to conduct polygraph examinations. The Polygraph examiner bond is a professional license that acts as a surety for all potential clients or customers who utilize the services of their examiner. These bonds protect individuals if they feel they were damaged in any way by the actions of the examiner during, before, or after their polygraph testing session.
A pre-qualification line bond is a generic type of insurance that is used to secure a contract bond line of credit approval. This allows contractors to secure funding with more certainty that they will win the bid, but prior to actually receiving the contract.
A process server bond is a surety bond that guarantees the person serving legal documents is financially responsible for any damages that may occur to the person being served or their property.
A Professional Employment Organization (PEO) Bond is an insurance policy that includes two aspects - the Professional Liability (errors and omissions) coverage, which protects the business against claims of liability in hiring and supervising employees, and workers' compensation insurance that covers any injuries or death sustained by the temporary agency's workers.
A Professional Fundraiser Bond is a surety bond that you purchase to protect your organization or clients against losses caused by the actions of your professional fundraiser. These bonds are designed to protect against fraud, embezzlement and other financial crimes committed by licensed individuals who are working on behalf of an organization.
A Public Insurance Adjuster Bond protects policyholders and other third parties from any negligence by a licensed public insurance adjuster. The insurance will help protect the public by ensuring that only qualified professionals perform all aspects of their job.
The Public Official Bond protects against violations of duty by public officials, such as government employees or elected officials. This kind of bond protects the rights and interests of others that have placed their trust in a public official by requiring them to fulfill certain expectations.
A Real Estate School Bond is used to assure a state's real estate commission that the school has sufficient assets to cover student tuition payments should it cease operations.
A Release of Lien Bond is a streamline process that can help you with the discharge of liens against property. This is especially helpful to the housing industry with the release and discharge of mechanics' liens. The process is easy and streamlined.
A Replevin Bond is a document that must be filed with the Clerk of Court in order to secure the return of property in cases involving replevin. The bond assures that the plaintiff will pay all costs incurred by the defendant if he or she loses their case.
Consider a Resident Funds (Nursing Home) Bond to protect your business from any resident who takes more than agreed amount of funds. We offer flexible policy packages for all types of nursing homes, as well as nursing facilities serving other types of residents such as retirement homes and assisted living facilities.
SAG-AFTRA Franchised Talent Agency Bonds are issued by SuretyOne as a guarantee of compliance with SAG-AFTRA’s franchising requirements. The bond protects both you and the Union against certain losses for which your agency could be held responsible.
A Sales Tax Bond is used by businesses to ensure they are correctly collecting and paying sales tax. This can also be known as a Transient Seller's Bond or Vendor's License Bond. A Sales Tax Bond guarantees that the business owner will be held accountable for all funds collected from customers, as well as keeping track of these sales and remitting them to the state.
The Service Contract Provider Bond is used to ensure that subcontractors will meet the terms of their contract(s) with you. The bond ensures that your customer's rights are protected, and provides them with a means to seek restitution from your company if repairs are not made as agreed.
A Site Improvement Bond is a surety bond that can be used to ensure that a project is completed appropriately. It is required for projects such as residential construction, commercial building additions and renovations, roadwork, or utility improvements.
A Solicitation Bond is required for anyone who wants to solicit potential investors by telephone. This includes any individual or group who are licensed telemarketers and telephone solicitors.
A Solid Waste Transporter Bond is a valuable asset for those engaged in the transportation of solid waste. Whether you're operating a commercial or industrial business, or providing municipal services, this bond ensures that your company has adequate resources to continue operations should an incident occur.
A Subdivision Bond is an instrument issued to protect against a public project default. These bonds are typically used on large and complex projects that require the expertise of a professional engineer to examine the project plans before issuing their approval. The bond guarantees that if the plans are approved, the issuer is legally obligated to pay back the funds borrowed by investors in order to help pay for the project costs.
Supply Bonds are used to ensure that certain goods or services are delivered within a specific period of time and in accordance with contract specifications.
If a supplier fails to meet an agreed delivery schedule, a Supply Bond can be used to ensure that they deliver as required.
A talent agency's job is to find clients for performers, who are legally bound to the agency. This bond ensures that the clients will be able to recoup their investment should the agency fail in its mission of procuring employment for the artist. The agency bond, much like other bonds, is a financial guarantee.
Tax Collector Bonds are required to be purchased annually by collectors registered with their state. This bond protects the state and property owners from financial loss caused by an employee’s fraudulent or dishonest actions.
A title insurance agent bond is a surety bond that protects people or entities who purchase a real estate property, or loans against one. If a disaster should occur to the property that causes monetary damage to the owner or lender, a title insurance agent will be held responsible if they failed to get proper coverage.
Our Tobacco Products Distributor Bond provides businesses that manufacture, sell or warehouse tobacco products with the financial protection they need in the event that they must close their business.
A trustee is a person or institution who holds a legal title to property for the benefit of others. A court may appoint a trustee if an individual or family becomes incapacitated and can no longer manage his/her finances without help. The most common use of a Trustee Bond is to ensure that the court-appointed representative fulfills his duties as outlined in his or her trust agreement.
Utility Deposit Bonds are issued to provide a financial guarantee to utility companies that individuals and businesses will pay the deposit they have been charged if they fail to make the necessary payment. The bond ensures that those who live in apartments, condominiums and other housing with utility service are protected financially when they pay their deposit, then move out and forget to return their utility security deposit.
VA Fiduciary Bonds allow for a legal option for bond purposes. These bonds are registered under the trust transaction number with the VA, and must be renewed every 24 months with the VA. The Veterans Affairs Fiduciary Bond allows for legal custody of funds and property, by financial institutions and agencies. Being issued by an agency part of the U.S Government, these bonds allow for ease and security in obtaining the bond.
A Wage and Welfare Bond is issued by a licensed surety company to the administrator of an estate to ensure that all settlement duties are handled properly. The bond guarantees that the administrator will perform his or her duties without delay or improper conduct, including fraud against any party involved.

Bonded Vehicle Title

Issued for purposes of claiming ownership and registering a vehicle when the title was lost, defective, or stolen

Driver Education School or CDL Tester Bond

Issued to those engaged the business of providing driver training education or testing

Freight Broker (BMC-84) Bond

Issued in relation to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Commission (FMCSA) for those operating as transportation brokers (Federal Requirement)

Fuel Tax Bond

Issued to businesses that use, sell, distribute, or mix motor fuel

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Issued to auto dealers or others who buy, sell, auction, or repair cars or other motor vehicles

Motor or Automobile Club Bond

Issued to membership fee based automobile or motor clubs

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