How To Get A Bonded Title In Illinois

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If you are an Illinois resident, a bonded title can be an effective way to recover your vehicle title if you don’t have sufficient evidence of ownership.

What is a bonded title?

A bonded title is a type of title recovery method that requires the purchase of a surety bond, also known as a vehicle title bond, to secure the ownership of the vehicle. This is because, in order to receive a bonded title, you must have a major lack of proper documentation. The DMV in your state is essentially taking your word that you are the owner of the vehicle. The vehicle title bond provides security for the DMV to assign ownership in the event that there is an ownership discrepancy after the bonded title is issued.

How to get a bonded title in Illinois

Before beginning your bonded title process, make sure that your vehicle meets the eligibility for a bonded title.

Vehicle requirements for a bonded title in Illinois 

  • The vehicle is operable
  • The vehicle cannot have outstanding liens or security interests
  • The vehicle cannot be abandoned
  • The vehicle cannot have been repossessed

How to apply for a bonded title in Illinois

If your vehicle meets the eligibility requirements above, start your bonded title process by completing the online Illinois Application for Certificate of Title. If you are not able to access this application online, visit your nearest DMV branch to obtain a paper application.


Your vehicle will need to be appraised by a licensed Illinois dealer. If you are an Illinois licensed dealer, you may not conduct your own appraisal. The appraisal will be used to determine the value of the title bond you will need to purchase.

Statement of ownership

Since a bonded title is issued because of the lack of ownership, most states, including Illinois, require that you explain to them why you are applying for a title using this method and not using the typical transfer process. In Illinois, your statement of ownership document must be notarized.

Bond purchase

Title bonds can be purchased from a surety bond company like, or through most insurance carriers. The amount of the bond will typically be 1.5x the appraisal value of the vehicle. While the value might be thousands of dollars, you won’t have to pay that much. Most title bonds cost around $100-$150 to secure, then the surety company will back the rest unless you breach the agreement.

Once you’ve submitted your application for title, had your vehicle appraised, completed and notarized the statement of ownership, and purchased your bond, submit all of this information along with any other documentation you may have on the vehicle to the Secretary of State Vehicle Titles Division. From there, the division will approve or deny your application and mail you a new bonded title in your name.

After 3 years of having BONDED stamped on your vehicle title, the bonded title brand will dissipate and you will have a clean Illinois title in your name.

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