Can You File For A Vermont Title Online?

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The Vermont DMV recently introduced a new online temporary registration process. Many clients interested in using the Vermont loophole to obtain a title in their state have inquired about utilizing this online process. However, the short answer is no, and here’s why:

Requirements for Online Temporary Registration
When you apply online for a temporary registration, you must attest to certain conditions:

  • The vehicle you’re obtaining a registration and plate for was purchased and owned by you.
  • The vehicle is covered by insurance, with proof of insurance.
  • You still need to complete the registration application on paper and submit it within 24 hours.

Limitations of the Online Temporary Registration
If you apply online, you’ll receive a paper plate, which is not designed for use in your state. It’s meant for switching states to get a title. Therefore, the paper plate cannot be used in your state as a permanent license plate.

Drawbacks of Applying Online
Applying online can actually slow down the process. When you eventually mail your paper application, it will be considered non-urgent because they assume you already have a temporary plate. This means it will be processed slower compared to directly sending in the paper application.

Validity and Renewal
Temporary registrations are valid for 60 days and cannot be renewed. Knowing this, the DMV may not prioritize your application if they see you already have a temporary plate.

Additional Restrictions and Penalties
Temporary plates will not be issued if you’ve already been issued a temporary registration. Moreover, there are statutes against fraud and misuse, so it’s crucial to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?
While the online process may seem advantageous, it ultimately slows down the process of obtaining your title in your state. It’s essential to consider these factors before opting for the online temporary registration route.

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