Can A Stolen Car Have A Title?

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In Colorado, a buyer purchased a car from Facebook, seemingly with a legitimate title. However, upon attempting to register the vehicle, they discovered it had been stolen. The scam involved the thief leaving the title and key in the glove box, tricking the buyer into believing they were legitimate. This highlights the importance of verifying the seller’s identity against the title.

Lessons Learned
One critical lesson from this incident is to never leave your title in the glove box, as it can lead to theft and scams. Moreover, always ensure that the seller’s identity matches the name on the title. In this case, verifying the seller’s identity would have prevented a loss of $3,500 and the inconvenience of having to surrender the car.

The Organized Crime Ring
Another alarming case involved a mother-son duo arrested for running an organized crime ring that dealt in stolen cars worth half a million dollars. These high-end vehicles, including Mercedes, Lexus, Audi, and BMW, were purchased from dealerships using fraudulent methods, such as false mechanics liens or garage holders liens.

Avoiding title-washing scams
Title-washing scams involve criminals obtaining loans for vehicles and then using fraudulent methods to obtain titles, wiping out the loan in the process. It’s crucial for buyers to conduct thorough title checks to ensure there are no liens or signs of theft associated with the vehicle.

Lessons to Remember
Two key takeaways from these incidents are to always obtain a legitimate title when purchasing a vehicle and to promptly address any issues with missing titles. Waiting too long to secure a title can complicate the process in the future, as records may become harder to retrieve or purged from the system. By acting promptly, buyers can protect themselves from potential scams and legal troubles associated with vehicle titles.

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